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Whilst Creating More Profit and Pleasure For all Involved

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Passion & Purpose.

Anthony here... Creator and founder of Vuente.

Small Business is more than just a business, many times it becomes a big part of our life.

Often built on the back of the business owners core skills one quickly comes to learn their strengths and weaknesses.

It takes time effort and commitment to build a successful business, and with statistics telling us that 80% fail it's easy to see the large level of pressure involved.

Having built and supported different businesses over some 30+ years, employing over 100 team members, across different industries up to 35 million dollars in sales.

This vast level of complexity taught me the value of high quality systems and the way we can leverage our time whilst also being highly profitable.

Vuente combines all the core elements of any business being built in today's information age, created to save you and others in your business time effort and cash.

We remain conscious and supportive of everyone in our community towards their personal health and well being. Imagine... Your living the lifestyle you desire knowing your business is growing on a solid and supportive platform.

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Vision, Values and Value

Centralizing years of experience into the one site has been challenging yet that was part of the Vision.

To... Help As Many Business Owners As Possible Survive and Be Profitable.

We knew when we started that we'd need to surround ourselves with values aligned people, people who would work with us and our growing community in a supportive way.

Working with Integrity, passion in our specific areas of excellence, combined with solid work ethics stand out as our core values.

Combining these core parts together would ultimately lead to our clients, customers, suppliers and equally ourselves to enjoy massive value.

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Inspirational Goals, Combining Capacity

Building a business as mentioned isn't always easy yet when you surround yourself with more of the can do people something strange happens...

Business get's easier!

Vuente was built on the foundations of an open source software program called Odoo, for us it meant speed and simplification, yet over the years we noticed that Odoo whilst incredibly powerful was still quite complex for business owners who hadn't necessarilly reached the level of awareness or systems necessatity.

...All In One Management System, or a simplified platform they can grow with.

So the Vuente goal became simplification through automation, if I (Anthony) considered the process or activity to be a repetitive task or quality control measure then in effect we would engineer out the "reason why" as best as we possibly could.  Then once standardized and systemized we could go to the global community of business builders and offer our combined package as monthly subscription, a digital coaching program designed to save other savvy business owners a mountain of time effort and cash...

Odoo Members

Engineered For Efficiency

As an All In One Management System everything becomes simpler to connect, now one contact can be "used" in so many different ways, as a potential client or opportunity, and actual customer, potentially a supplier.

The capacity to in effect have everything available within one to three clicks allows your whole business to become far more efficient.

The whole concept of "Efficiency & Value" was highlighted in my manufacturing years,

One simple word... Lean.

Yet it's relatively speaking an unknown word, sure we have lean start ups, lean thinking, lean for manufacturing yet in my experience to date it's marketing message continues to be focused on techy talk and terminology.

The bottom line is...

Lean is a mindset or culture of constant imporovement with a focus on removing repetitive time sapping tasks.

Here's to your success...

Anthony Gardiner

Vuente Business Solutions

"Simply Helping Helping Business Owners Grow"