Like to Build Your Business Faster and Easier?

Saving Some Cash Along The Way?

80% of small business owners fail in the first five years. Simply because they don't have all the right systems, skills and support. 30 odd years of building businesses all the way up to 35 million dollars, I'm confident to say.

This is no ordinary solution like this... 

  • We've got all your different wants and needs integrated into one simple system
  • All the skills and support to help you grow, packaged into finacially manageable bite size chunks.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your efforts, relax with more pleasure and profit

Here I'm explaining how we are using videos on a grand scale to streamline our communication and implementation. It's the only way we can offer our value in a limited timeframe.


Hey how you going I just thought i'll just do a quick video, i've got all the tradie gear and everything and everything else going on and i'm looking pretty bored. I don't know on it's not intelligent right, but look i just missed a 9:30 call, it's been pretty much something that's pretty important to me as I've tried to get Vuente up and going we're actually looking at crowdfunding or getting an investor on board and what it reminded me is i’ve i became more for the no-shows you know we had an appointment book and everything else and blah blah blah and the end of the day I didn't show up we had time zone differences, we add reminders and everything else and I put the phone down now I'd probably would never have worked out anyway. But what it triggered for me was how we built the automatic rescheduling so you had appointments and you could set default emails up so that it shootout and default SMS messages so the shootout and you you basically be able to come in from the number of angles and ultimately what we are trying to do with this client at that time was getting arrivals up you know so you let's say that we were having ten no-shows a week if we could reduce that by 50% and in effect that was going to work with someone in the order of another thousand dollars of revenue for that ill give you more of that things getting done it will happen automatically and anyway, i sort of felt that's what we do, this automated SMS Email type reminder Module. Anyway if you're interested in that click on the link down below and we will show it to you and the next steps on how it works. Alrightee!Catch you later. Bye.