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Passion & Purpose.

Anthony here... Creator and founder of Vuente.

Small Business is more than just a business, many times it becomes a big part of our life.

Often built on the back of the business owners core skills one quickly comes to learn their strengths and weaknesses.

It takes time effort and commitment to building a successful business, and with statistics telling us that 80% fail it's easy to see the large level of pressure involved.

Having built and supported different businesses over some 30+ years, employing over 100 team members, across different industries up to 35 million dollars in sales.

This vast level of complexity taught me the value of high-quality systems and the way we can leverage our time whilst also being highly profitable.

Vuente combines all the core elements of any business being built in today's information age, created to save you and others in your business time effort and cash.

We remain conscious and supportive of everyone in our community towards their personal health and well-being. Imagine... Your living the lifestyle you desire knowing your business is growing on a solid and supportive platform.

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Vision, Values, and Value

Centralizing years of experience into the one site has been challenging yet that was part of the Vision.

To... Help As Many Business Owners As Possible Survive and Thrive In The New Economy.

We knew when we started that we'd need to surround ourselves with values aligned people, people who would work with us and our growing community in a supportive way.

Working with Integrity and passion in our specific areas of excellence, combined with solid work ethics. These stand out as our core values.

Combining these core values together would ultimately lead to our clients, customers, suppliers and equally ourselves to enjoy massive value, a win/win scenario if I may.

Starting With Our WHY.

As a general rule of thumb 80% of small business fail in the first 5 years, clearly, that means there's a big problem...

Whilst I understand we can't be all things to all people, I do believe we can create a community of like-minded people supporting each other both on and offline.

I BELIEVE, with conviction, that the internet used as a tool for business offers the most advanced form of affordability and simplification possible.

I BELIEVE, with conviction, there are 5 core elements to make a truly successful and scalable business.

  1. The capacity and mindset of the business owner

  2. The team of people the business recruits

  3. The systems and processes that the business adopts

  4. The sales volume the business can profitably sustain

  5. The scalability of the business model

Moving To Our HOW, HOW are we going to do this...

Having worked in a business employing around 110 people in a very high-risk industry and on a national basis taught me the massive advantages of advanced information and communication systems.

It clearly illustrated the ability for us to achieve more by actually doing less, on an individual basis, we could all do what we did best simply because our business systems and processes "talked to us" 

Whilst that business became extremely profitable I personally was losing the balance of life that I truly desired.

So I left and decided to take my years of business experience online so as to help more small business owners succeed with less stress and ultimately help them create more profit and pleasure in their business.

Our WHAT, WHAT have we done to support our community of successful small businesses.

We have now simplified that to the extent of offering different digital products and services via our membership model. Delivered in an affordable way on a 24/7 basis so as to support our clients in a way and time that suits them.

Our Two Primary Offers, Or HOW are we going to help the most amount of small business owners succeed as possible... so our HOW is packaged in two ways...

1. Your All In One Business SystemOur software suite where all your business systems are integrated so as to cause the least amount of technical complexity as possible.

2. OurMicro E-Learning CoursesDesigned to simply support our community members in a short and sharp affordable way, ultimately we want to create the least amount of confusion as possible, whilst value adding at each stage of growth they need help with.

Our WOW. Because first impressions are lasting impressions.

Whilst I personally live in a belief that our businesses continue to evolve I am also completely aware of Simon Sinek, Starting With Your Why, what I've come to learn through the ever-evolving personal development industry, more specifically mindset and desiring to be a mindful leader, is that so many people are driven by their what and rarely do they connect from their WHY, this ultimately creates a "perceived value offer" In my experience they are filling an emotional void, a subconscious want, need or desire and can charge an incredible amount of money for it. Equally, in my experience, they don't always deliver the value they've offered, often leaving people in a worse financial position than where they first began.

So to me the WOW factor is not just in WHAT you've "sold" yet the WOW in how you're able to support that WHAT into the future, so I BELIEVE our WOW is the ability for our community members to continue to grow their business in the most simplistic, cost affordable way possible using the internet as the central form of leverage and cost reduction whilst working amongst a community of like-minded people supporting each other.

Collective Intelligence and Community Benefits

Earlier I mentioned having been involved in a business with over 100 team members, as part of my vision I considered recreating that, yet in an online model, and working with others in a Virtual world. I knew this would bring new levels of complexity, primarily though it came down to different country cultures, time zones, quality control and consistency by way of 'daily known activities". There seemed to be too much micromanagement, however, the financial gain combined with the attitude available from different countries far outweighed the long term vision I had, too... simplify small business growth. Ultimately our systems and processes became stronger, our daily activity became simpler, consistent and completed in a faster more time friendly way. The final bridge to scalability would come down to quality control and strategic alignment, that came down to the simplest form of communication.... a solid conversation. 

As Vuente Business Solutions continues to grow its online vision our community members also grow by way of leveraging our tools and techniques, our systems and processes that ultimately lead to their long-term sustainability, profitability, and lifestyle they choose to enjoy.

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Engineered For Efficiency

As "The All In One, Simple Solution, For Business Success" everything becomes consistent, our community contributes to our "Improvements Suggestion Box".

This reduces the business expenses as more people are now contributing to a relatively speaking, consistent desire. 

We are structured, by way of niche skills, in "business sectors or departments" as I believe there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace, yet at its core, the systems or processes, like Facebook Marketing, for example, can be learned by anyone, yet our personality or the personalities of our people are what makes our core difference. 

This comes back to our core Culture, we're passionate about helping other business owners succeed... yet we are coming from our WHY.

Here's to your success...

Anthony Gardiner

Vuente Business Solutions

"We're Simply Helping Business Owners Grow"